Understanding Your Night Dreams

Our dreams at night are direct messages from our Inner Teacher. These messages come from our inner subconscious mind and given to our outer conscious mind. This mind to mind communication is delivered in the language that our minds speak in. This universal language is a language of images. This mentorship program provides you with a direct guide in not only understanding your dreams, or to increase your dream recall, but it will aid you in becoming fluent in the language that all of our minds speak. You will learn to not only interpret your dreams, but also the dreams of others. As with everything I do, this mentorship program is designed for you to become your own teacher. 


This mentorship saved my life!

I am always mind blown with his interpretation. It's crazy because he knows pretty much nothing about my daily life but ALWAYS hits the nail on the head when it comes to what is happening due to what s coming through my dreams, and then helps me apply the meaning into my waking life to cause MAJOR shifts + break patterns.

He has also helped enhance my dreamworld experience by teaching me how to control things in my dreams.

It changed my entire waking life and was the quickest way to instantaneously shift deep rooted things


"I can not say enough good things about Tarak! When I started working with him a couple years ago I was blown away by his wisdom and his ability to explain dreams and metaphysical concepts in ways that were easy to digest and apply in my life instantly.

It was so fun to learn the language of my subconscious mind. I looked forward to recalling my dreams every morning so that I could learn more of the symbols and practice interpreting.

Tarak is so good at breaking the dream down and explaining each part and symbol so that is makes sense and becomes easier to interpret for yourself. He also gives powerful suggestions to apply in your life given what the dream was showing you.

Since working with Tarak I have had profound transformations in my personal business and love life. I am forever grateful for your wisdom and your commitment to share it!
Thank you!!!"

Manifest Your Day Dreams

We all are continuously creating the reality we are
existing within and the person we are perpetually
becoming. This mentor program will aid you in understanding the structure of the mind and the mechanics of manifestation. This will aid you in identifying personal limitations and how to overcome them. Through the understanding of the 13 Laws of the Universe, you will be able to identify when you are out of alignment with them and learn how to better harmonize them. This program will aid you in reconnecting with your mental power in order to CONSCIOUSLY create the life you want to live, and the person you want to become.


Whether it is a dream consultation, manifestation, or general Metaphysical guidance, I am always available to set up a time to get together and assist in any way towards your soul growth and spiritual development. 

Understanding your dreams is you greatest tool for SELF AWARENESS!

Find out the direct and clear meaning to any dream you have recently had. 
You will receive an interpretation of the symbols within your dream, the clear message you subconscious mind is communicating directly to you, and ways to apply that message into your daily life